The Best Beaches in Florida with Clear Water Must See

1. Fort De Soto State Park

Fort De Soto Park, located just off the coast of St. Petersburg, Florida, is an attractive and historically significant shoreline. This beach is quite crowded on the weekends; however, during the week and off-season, you can anticipate considerably fewer visitors and more picturesque shorelines.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves by engaging in activities such as swimming, fort exploration, and shore play. We also discovered some fascinating shells on the beach and spotted numerous dolphins in the vicinity.

Additionally, camping here would be a fantastic experience if you brought the proper equipment. The campground offers 236 sites that are equipped with convenient facilities such as utilities, picnic areas, laundry, and barbecues.

2. Marco Island

On a regular basis, Marco Island’s beaches are ranked among the finest in the globe. The sand on the popular beaches is extraordinarily fine and expansive. A delightful hue of blue water and an abundance of first-rate facilities make this an ideal location for a family vacation.

While at Tigertail Beach, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Although it was a congested area along the Florida coast, ample space was provided for all attendees. Nonetheless, if you prefer a secluded seashore to yourself, this location is not ideal.

Keewaydin Island offers a more tranquil shore experience for those in the Marco Island vicinity. An adjacent barrier island, it is currently an undisclosed treasure. The sole means of accessing it is via boat, which significantly reduces the volume of visitors.

It is a tranquil island with lovely beaches, an abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities, and remarkable artifacts. Numerous loggerhead sea turtles and other marine life inhabit the area. Additionally, the island features the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

3. Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is an excellent location if you’re seeking a Siesta Key-like experience with considerably fewer visitors. It is located just south of Sarasota and is home to some of Florida’s finest beaches, which are verdant green and feature clear water.

This region of the Gulf Coast is more tranquil, which makes it ideal for romantic getaways and family vacations alike. The picturesque sugar-white coastline provides an ideal setting for a day at the shore.

4. Destin

Destin is frequently cited by individuals as one of the most beautiful azure water beaches in the state of Florida. The proximity to Choctawhatchee Bay aids in the filtration of the darker residue, resulting in pristine sand and verdant waters.

Fort Walton Beach and Destin are close to twenty-four miles of picturesque sand beachfront. Henderson shore State Park is an excellent location for shore activities and swimming. This is among the finest shores in Florida. We, too, adore Crab Island in this vicinity.

Apart from its renowned beaches, Destin is renowned for its golf courses and fishing. Additionally, Big Kahuna’s Water Park and Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park are enjoyable family attractions. The Boardwalk at Destin Harbor is a lively downtown district that offers boat rentals and entertainment.

5. Panama City Beach

Another beautiful shoreline with azure waters is Panama City shoreline in Florida. Although it is located east of Choctawhatchee Bay and is therefore not as pure as Destin, the waters are nonetheless lovely. In addition to its 27 miles of sandy beachfront, Panama City Beach is situated within two picturesque state parks.

Additionally, Panama City Beach is an excellent location from which to fish and observe the Gulf of Mexico’s fauna.

6. Rosemary Beach

Rosemary shoreline is an excellent choice if you’re in search of a shoreline that is tranquil and suitable for the entire family. Although this beach is not as well-known as others along the Emerald Coast, its popularity is steadily increasing.

Clear water at Florida’s Rosemary Beach
This shore is beautiful, as are the 30A beaches in the vicinity. In Rosemary, there are no accessible beaches. Beach access is provided to guests who wish to remain in the vicinity. This contributes to the reduction of beachgoers, allowing you to more fully appreciate the picturesque sandy shores and pristine blue water.

7. St Augustine

The charming and picturesque municipality of St. Augustine is located in northern Florida. It was established in 1565 by Spanish explorers, whose cobblestone pathways and Spanish architecture reflected a significant European influence. Additionally, there are lovely beaches.

St. Augustine is an excellent choice if you are contemplating family vacation places beyond Orlando. The St Augustine Wild Reserve, Alligator Farm Zoological Park, and St Augustine Aquarium are all excellent family-friendly destinations that everyone will appreciate.

Florida’s St. Augustine is an excellent destination for those interested in combining history with the state’s pristine coastlines.
There is also a historic fort and a magnificent lighthouse that can be scaled to its summit. This location in the Sunshine State is ideal for those who wish to combine historical significance with picturesque coastlines.

St. Augustine is home to several immaculate beaches. The St. Augustine Beach neighborhood is endearing. We stayed at this location in St. Augustine, and we adored it. We ate donuts while strolling along the shore in the morning and spent the afternoon swimming. The shores in Anastasia State Park were also a delight.

8. Jupiter

Beautiful, clear-blue-water beaches can be found in Jupiter, Florida. It is renowned for both the tranquility and the azure hue of its waters. Due to this, water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, and paddleboarding are highly suitable. The Gulf Stream maintains an annual average water temperature of 78 degrees.

Jupiter is one of the most tranquil communities and has one of the clearest shores in Florida.
The relaxed atmosphere of Jupiter makes it simple to appreciate the picturesque beaches and natural surroundings. The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and the Loggerhead Marinelife Center are two additional enjoyable attractions beyond the shore. This beach vacation is ideal for nature enthusiasts.

9. New Smyrna Beach

Unique among Florida beaches, New Smyrna Beach allows you to drive directly onto the shore, making it simple to locate a secluded area to admire the azure waters.

With its pristine waters, New Smyrna Beach is among the finest beaches in Florida.
With approximately seventeen miles of coastline, New Smyrna Beach is a popular surfing destination that features some of the finest waves in Florida. The enchanting downtown of this eccentric little town is brimming with art boutiques, local culture, and more.
For an unparalleled opportunity to witness the most pristine azure waters in Florida, one may consider the state’s natural springs. During our visits to numerous Florida springs, we thoroughly enjoyed swimming and observing manatees.

Depending on the manatees, it may be impractical to swim, float, or kayak in the springs you are visiting during the winter months. The Crystal River is among the springs that permit swimming, snorkeling, and paddling throughout the entire year.

10. Rock Springs

Rock Springs at Kelly Park has some of the clearest aquamarine water in Florida and is located about 35 minutes outside of Orlando. 26,000 liters per minute of crystalline-clear water emerge from an underground river at the springs. Numerous beautiful swimming areas are nourished by this subterranean spring.

The Springs in Florida feature crystal-clear water.
The eight-mile canoeing trail known as the Rock Springs Run is ideal for kayaking and tubing. You will eventually reconnect with the Wekiwa Springs Run after traversing a picturesque subtropical forest along this path.

Kelly Park Day area is an ideal location near Rock Springs for picnicking and bathing. A pleasant swimming area, nature trails, a playground, and picnic tables are all available.

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