Best Camping In Florida

Camping in Floridais extremely prevalent , owing to the state’s and national parks’ profusion, picturesque landscapes, and temperate climate tent camping in florida.

From opulent camping in private RV resorts to primitive camping in state parks, Florida offers an extensive variety of camping opportunities.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection reports that in 2020, more than 13 million individuals visited Florida’s state parks alone.

A considerable number of these visitors relish the opportunity to camp in the state parks. Furthermore, substantial numbers of tourists visit Florida’s national parks, including Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park, to engage in outdoor activities and camp.

Florida is an aesthetically pleasing state that is highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts.

Camping is a widely favored recreational pursuit among both residents and visitors of Florida.

As more individuals begin to embrace a nomadic way of life and abandon the staid office environment, its popularity continues to increase.

Whether you intend to camp in Florida while traveling for extended periods of time or are simply seeking a weekend escape in the great outdoors, we have compiled a list of the top camping locations in Florida.

The Best Places To Camp In Florida

I believe the majority of us would concur that one of the best ways to begin a day or vacation is by waking up with a view.

When you choose to camp, you have the opportunity to surround yourself with a breathtaking landscape.

Beyond the breathtaking sandy coastlines, Florida offers an abundance of picturesque backdrops against which to embark on an adventure.

Therefore, pitch your tent or station your RV/van; camping in Florida awaits you.

Numerous freshwater lakes, mangroves, beaches, and the expansive and tranquil everglades are just a few of the features that will greet you in the morning.

Below, we will provide a breakdown of the top camping destinations in Florida, organized by region. Therefore, regardless of whether you are exploring a specific region or the entire state, you will be informed of the appropriate destinations and anticipated weather conditions.

In addition to separating the finest camping locations by region, the weather by region is also detailed. Additionally, we have highlighted the most recommended camping equipment in Florida, the most exciting activities, and the pinnacle attractions in each region.

Best Places To Camp In Northern Florida

1. Anastasia State Park

Over 1,600 acres in size, Anastasia State Park offers everything. Beach camping, fishing, sand dunes, picnic tables, and shellfish are all available at this location.

There are numerous activities and attractions within walking distance of your mobile domicile.

In addition to water and electricity, all 139 campsites feature built-in barbecues, picnic tables, and fire rings.

Situated to the south of Jacksonville and slightly to the north of St. Augustine, this location provides an ideal getaway for the evening, allowing you to explore the city’s amenities and activities.

Visit the oldest metropolis in America. Activities abound in St. Augustine, which is only a hop, skip, and leap away.

2. Suwannee River State Park

This campsite is located just outside the Georgia-Florida border. This location is ideal for those who do not wish to be in close proximity to the shores in Florida. Suwannee River State Park is an aesthetically pleasing region adorned with southern magnolia and Cyprus trees.

Kayak or canoe along the river while taking in the abundant wildlife that this park has to offer.

Numerous species of birds, including turtles, herons, and raptors, are visible from this location. It is ideal for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Weather To Expect In North Florida

  • Summer months (June to August): high temperatures ranging from the low 80s to low 90s (°F), with high humidity and occasional afternoon thunderstorms.
  • Winter months (December to February): daytime temperatures in the 60s to low 70s (°F), with cool nights in the 40s to 50s (°F). The weather is generally mild, with occasional cool fronts bringing lower temperatures

Best Camping In Florida Panhandle

3. Topsail Hill Preserve State Parks

This RV camping may be among the finest in all of Florida.

Featuring more than 150 RV sites complete with 30- or 50-amp connections, hot water showers, laundry facilities, and laundry facilities, this establishment could be classified as an RV resort for those who prefer a higher level of luxury while camping.

Additionally, 32 cabins/bungalows are available for rental if tent camping is not your thing and you prefer a more luxury experience.

There are 22 tent camping sites available on elevated platforms, each equipped with in-ground fire rings, a grill, and a picnic table. These elevated mats are particularly advantageous when the weather is wet.

Although there are more than 15 miles of marked hiking trails, the paved path leading to the pristine beaches is without a doubt my favorite.

4. Grayton Beach State Park

This area is ideal for establishing a lodge. Recognized as one of the nation’s premier beach destinations, the renowned sugar sand is mere steps away.

Owing to the 2,000-acre state park, one can discover an abundance of activities. Your campsite will feel secluded and privacy is not an issue due to the abundance of vegetation that surrounds you.

For a more daring experience, consider relocating to one of the numerous cabins or setting up a tent to spend the night. This will impart allure and transport you to the fundamental principles of camping.

5. Big Lagoon State Park

A remarkable sanctuary surrounded by pine forests and saline marshes in the Panhandle. Utilize hiking or paddling to traverse this magnificent state park.

The main attraction is the extensive network of footpaths that are traversed via boardwalks and dirt paths.

These pathways provide breathtaking vistas of the woodlands and shallow bays.

Additionally, they welcome dogs, which is an enormous bonus. While permitted, canines must be restrained to a tether.

Weather In The Panhandle

The Florida Panhandle encounters sweltering and humid conditions from June to August, with maximum temperatures fluctuating between the low 80s and the high 90s degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, afternoon thunderstorms are frequent at this time. Therefore, while camping, be sure to organize some activities for inclement days.

The Florida Panhandle experiences generally temperate weather during the winter months (December to February), with daytime temperatures falling within the range of the 60s to low 70s (°F) and evenings remaining chilly at the 40s to 50s (°F). Occasional mild fronts have the potential to induce reduced temperatures.

Best Places To Camp In Central Florida

6. Turtle Beach Campground

A limited number of campgrounds provide immediate beach access. There are 39 RV and camping locations in the campground.

Guests have access to a kayak launch, lavatories, hot showers, and coin-operated laundry machines.

When the time comes to discover the local landscape, board the complimentary trolley that runs to Siesta Key or the city center.

7. Ocala National Forest

Ocala is situated in the horse heartland of Florida.

While the region does offer numerous campgrounds suitable for hammock and tent camping, only a limited number provide complete RV camping connections.

With an abundance of equestrian riding, mountain biking, and hiking trails, you are certain to fill your days with excitement and discovery.

Camping in Ocala National Forest is an absolute delight.

From here, be sure to embark on a day excursion to Crystal River, where manatees can be observed kayaking.

8. Hillsborough River State Park

These picturesque campgrounds provide both RV and tent lodging directly on the Hillsborough River, ensuring that you have a wonderful time.

Request some of the most coveted waterfront RV sites available. Each site is furnished with water, a fire ring, and picnic tables.

For your convenience, each loop in the park features facilities with hot showers and a dump station.

This region is replete with verdant landscapes and an abundance of nature trails to occupy your time during your stay.

Central Florida Weather

  • Summer months (June to August): high temperatures ranging from the mid 80s to mid 90s (°F), with high humidity and frequent afternoon thunderstorms.
  • Winter months (December to February): daytime temperatures in the 60s to low 70s (°F), with cool nights in the 40s to 50s (°F). The weather is generally mild, with occasional cool fronts are possible.

Best Beaches Clear Water In Florida

9. Yacht Haven Park And Marina

Situated within the confines of Fort Lauderdale, this location provides a sanctuary within the city. Waterfront properties are available on the South Fork of the New River.

Climb aboard a paddleboard or kayak and unwind while traversing the numerous channels in the vicinity.

Featuring an exquisite swimming pool and a tropical bar, you are certain to have a wonderful time basking in the Florida sun.

Utilize their concierge service when the sun sets in order to receive exceptional recommendations for dining, activities, and points of interest in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

This RV park should be at the top of your list of Florida’s RV parks, and Fort Lauderdale offers an abundance of inexpensive activities to keep you occupied.

10. Everglades National Park

Could you approximate the number of imperiled or endangered species that inhabit the Florida Everglades?

The everglades are home to more than thirty species of animals, such as medium and large tooth sawfish, loggerhead marine turtles, and the West Indian Manatee.

Additionally, it ranks as the third most expansive national park within the contiguous United States. It comprises more than 1.5 million land area in South Florida.

This location is unique among all species of animals, including crocodiles and alligators. How incredible is that?

Additionally, it is the ideal location to take an airboat excursion. Additionally, it is among the top sites in South Florida.

By utilizing kayaks and canoes, one can also reach extremely remote camping areas that are inaccessible by conventional camping methods. If you therefore wish to camp alone, this is the location for you.

camping in florida

11. Biscayne National Park

Both of the two camping options encompassed within Biscayne National Park Camping are accessible exclusively by boat. While this restricts access to the park, it creates a more secluded camping experience.

11a. Boca Chita Key

This is the most frequented camping area in Biscayne National Park, and the location of the lighthouse reflects this. Facilities for hiking and using the facilities are available here. However, there is no electricity, potable water, or restrooms at this campsite, so be prepared for a more primitive environment.

11b. Elliot Key

Although this campsite is marginally larger than Boca Chita Key, it is also only accessible by watercraft. In this location, guests will find both chilly showers and potable water.

Nonetheless, it is recommended that you bring your own potable water in the event that theirs runs out. In addition, they provide picnic tables and barbecues for use during camping.

Southern Florida Climate

  • Summer months (June to August): high temperatures in the low 90s to low 100s (°F), with high humidity and occasional afternoon thunderstorms.
  • Winter months (December to February): daytime temperatures in the 70s (°F), with cool nights in the 50s to 60s (°F). The weather is generally mild, with occasional cool fronts bringing lower temperatures.
camping in florida

12. Bahia Honda State Park

Break away from the monotony of your computer screen and experience it in person in the Florida Keys.

These are some of the most pristine bodies of water in all of Florida. The swaying palm fronds and gentle, salty breeze will make you want to pinch yourself.

From more primitive camping (no electricity hook-ups) to full hook-up sites (water and electricity), you are certain to appreciate your new temporary home.

Fire pits and picnic tables are provided at each site.

For those who are comfortable at sea, boat spaces are offered for boat camping.

camping in florida

13. Dry Tortugas National Park

Key West’s coastline, which consists of seven islands, includes Dry Tortugas National Park.

The protected coral reef provides water that is exceptionally transparent, pristine, and teeming with marine life. Ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Additionally, travelers interested in history can visit Fort Jefferson, which was constructed in the nineteenth century, while on vacation.

An uncomplicated camping excursion in the wilderness. Florida’s most isolated camping areas are inaccessible by land or seaplane beyond the fortifications.

While lacking electric connections and laundry facilities, this location offers pristine waterfront tent camping.

These rudimentary shelter locations provide access to the Florida Keys’ pristine waters for exploration.

Flouride on the pristine sand while observing an abundance of the tropical fish that inhabit these waters or engage in snorkeling activities.

This camping item is an absolute delight to incorporate into your Florida excursion.

14. John Pennecamp Coral Reef Camp

Another excellent location in the Florida Keys where camping is a possibility is further down the coast.

You can spend your days exploring the coral reefs and your evenings sleeping beneath the stars at this location. An ideal way to spend a holiday, indeed.

Primitive accommodations are available, devoid of access to electricity. However, potable water, picnic tables, and fire sites are provided.

Although they strictly prohibit more than 24 individuals per campsite, advance reservations are required to guarantee that the area will remain uncrowded.

Florida Keys Weather

  • Summer months (June to August): high temperatures in the low 90s (°F), with high humidity and occasional afternoon thunderstorms.
  • Winter months (December to February): daytime temperatures in the 70s (°F), with cool nights in the 60s (°F). The weather is generally mild, with occasional cool fronts bringing lower temperatures.

Tips For Camping In Florida

Florida is commonly referred to as the “sunshine state” because of its exceptional climate and continuous summer season. However, rain is an eventuality that requires preparation. Despite its reputation as the “sunshine state,” Florida experiences substantial precipitation from May to December.

When camping in Florida, you should be ready for precipitation at any moment, even during the arid season.

  1. Purchase a Waterproof Tent – To ensure that you remain dry while tent camping, be sure to purchase a high-quality waterproof tent.

Additionally, you will need to ensure that your shelter has adequate ventilation. Despite the frequent precipitation, you will want to take pleasure in the atmosphere. This prevents moisture from accumulating in your tent and aids in keeping you fresh.

  1. Familiarize yourself beforehand – It is advisable to thoroughly review the regulations of your campground prior to your visit. While certain campsites in Florida are designated for adults only, others may or may not have restrooms with hot showers. While certain Florida state parks may provide amenities such as kitchens and picnic tables, others do not.

Anticipate what your campsite may present.

  1. Pack an Adequate Amount of Insect Repellent – There is nothing more detrimental to a camping excursion than neglecting to bring bug spray from home and being infested with mosquitoes. Remember to bring an ample supply of insect repellent, mosquito bands, and citronella candles. Never be excessively well-prepared.
  2. Bring a Headlamp or Flashlight – As the night progresses, it will become increasingly dim, and having a headlamp or flashlight to assist you during late-night restroom visits can make them much simpler. Do not rely solely on the illumination on your phone for navigation. Feel free to bring along additional lighting.
  3. Familiarize Yourself with the Fauna – Prior to embarking on any camping expedition, it is prudent to familiarize yourself with the fauna that you might encounter. Having knowledge of your surroundings and potential obstacles will prove beneficial in the event of an emergency.
  4. Don’t neglect sunscreen; the best sunscreens for Florida are listed below.

Beaches Clear Water You Need to Visit

camping in florida

Can You Camp On The Beach In Florida?

Yes, there are several campsites in Florida that are located on the beach. If you are looking for beach camping in Florida check out these popular campsites.

  • North Beach Camp Resort ( Northern Florida)
  • Turtle Beach Campground (Central West Coast Florida)
  • Sebastian Inlet State Park ( Central East Coast Florida)
  • Clubhouse Beach (South Florida)
  • Sigsbee Campground (Florida Keys)

These are the best beach camping spots in Florida that we have found laid out by region.

camping in florida

Packing Essentials For Camping In Florida

Florida is a great state to take advantage of the outdoors and camping. However, it can be a very wet state. There are a few things that you are going to want to ensure you bring with you camping in Florida.

  • Waterproof Tent and Gear – It rains in Florida, so come prepared with waterproof tent and gear.
  • Headlamp – I said this before, but these come in so handy. We love them for when we are starting a fire, using the bathroom or pretty much any activity at night. They come in so handy.
  • Bug Spray – You are going to NEED this.
  • Utilities Knife – These come in more handy than you would think
  • Solar Phone Charger – If you are wanting to keep your phone charged while camping in Florida these guys are life changers.


Camping is always an excellent choice in Florida. Florida has accommodations for every type of camper, including hammock camping, tent locations, and RV camping.

We hope that this article has persuaded you to consider camping in Florida. Prepare yourself to explore the outdoors of Florida by packing your luggage.

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